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25 year old tattooed, 6'4 Scots lad. PS3, Celtic, The Walking Dead, tattoos and the Gallagher Brothers.// Living is easy with eyes closed.
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Pizza & Football…love Champions League Wednesdays. #yaldi

Because we need each other, we believe in one another, and I know we’re going to uncover, what’s sleeping in our souls….

Pilot Episode.

Wow. So good. Billy Bob Thornton plays the strange, slightly twisted drifter role perfectly. Martin Freeman was bloody great as well. Really think this will be a great series.

67 hour week…brutal. 3 shifts to go! #shattered #tired

Well we might as well just…#The1975

You have a really amazing daughter…

Bill Hader is amazingly funny.

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Learn some new moves from Beverly Goldberg! 

I’ve caught up on tv, and my bro has my Game of Thrones, and I don’t have the energy to concentrate on reading anymore. Anyone wanna chat?

Trying Kik again, altho Whatsapp is 1million times better, msg me for add!

Gun it to 88.